We're the Nashes! We love a good adventure and stay excited about what we might get into next. We are humbled at the ways God’s hand has led us thus far, always full of grace and confidence to approach His throne.  

Early in our relationship, God aligned both of our hearts to serve Him internationally in Cape Town, South Africa. We married in June 2013 and boarded a plane on a one way ticket to Africa just 4 months later.  It was in this space we gained brothers and sisters from many tribes and tongues whom we will treasure forever.  On African soil we worked out the foundations of our marriage, bore our first daughter, learned to surf, witnessed beauty unmatched, grew in the nurture and admonition of our Father, and learned to respond to the Spirit in real and refreshing ways.  The 31 months we spent there are laced with stories of His faithfulness, and we'd love to tell each one to you!  

In 2016, God brought us to a new home on a hill in middle Tennessee.  While life back in America has been an adjustment, it too has proven our God faithful.  Our desire is not to just be Gospel speakers, but to give "our lives as well" (1 Thess. 2:8).  As we navigate life on this side of the sea, Taylor as a secular business owner and me as a stay at home mom, we are striving each day to live missionally and intentionally where we have been planted.  Pursuing further what God desires for us as His disciples and as a family, we are filled with joy and continually encounter a peace that goes far beyond understanding.  May we ever boast in Him!