The Sisterhood of Motherhood

Sometimes God speaks to your heart through the testimonies of His people. 
This is often true for me as I engage with people in such varying walks of life. 
Rich or poor, hurting or healed, educated or street smart-
He writes beautiful stories in all of us. 
One of the greatest privileges of becoming a mom is joining
the remarkable sisterhood of motherhood. 
It extends beyond boundary lines, beyond language, beyond race or age or finances-
the most natural unifier on this earth. 
When a baby is in tow, linking eyes with another mother connects you
in incredibly intimate ways. 
As I began walking with Lettie,
first in my ever-enlarging belly and then in the stroller in front of me,
we would pass other ladies and revel in the relationship created
by only a knowing look and a wave.


I vividly recall the pulling of my heartstrings to hold the mother’s heart and
infuse it with grace and encouragement. 
In those moments I began praying for the Holy Spirit to permeate me with
words of peace and purpose for others as I, too, was learning
to lean on Him to lead these tiny souls called children. 
True to His character, He began speaking. 
He imparted to me spectacular images of His goodness all around me. 
The deeper He took me into His presence,
the deeper my heart searched for the parts of a mother’s heart
that need to be filled with Light and washed in His mercy. 
In the celebration we often (and rightfully) assign to motherhood,
He led me first to the pain. 
The ache and the agony is not just in the labor. 
There is the sting of loss in miscarriage or stillbirth. 
There is the throb of brokenness in foster care and adoption.
As I type these words my heart feels as if it has sunk to my toes and
my vision blurs with tears. 
Motherhood in all its rawness. 

The sisterhood. 
My sisters are hurting.
And the whispers of the Father become shouts of hope. 
Lord, embrace them with truth and let them feel You
mourning beside them in a heap on the floor. 
Then, rise up in them! 
Take your sturdy hands and pick them up,
stronger than ever and filled with confidence that You write good stories. 
You are the author and perfecter of our faith and
You can take any twist in the plot threatening to destroy and
turn it into a best seller,
because all the good books leave us with hope.   

So here we are.
Joined, connected, bonded together by motherhood and
held up by a faithful Father, a mighty Warrior, and a loving Creator. 
If you’re like me, I need help taking captive my thoughts
from schemes of deceit and dwelling on Truths of the Word. 
Therefore, the Lord put my hands to work and asked if I’d jump out on this limb. 

Today I will launch an Etsy shop with the prayer that it will reach my sisters,
our sisters,
who are suffering in the darkness and need to feel seen. 
Isaiah 40:8 says “The grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the Word of our God stands forever.” 
When it feels like all hope is stripped away,
we have the promise of unfading glories.
We all know someone who has been there or is there now.  
Let’s talk about it.  Let’s bring the Light to it.
Let’s join together in this beautiful thing called motherhood.  
If you get a chance, check out my shop UnfadingGlories:


and consider the testimonies God is shaping in the lives of people all around us. 
He is good, all the time.