Single Digits!

T-minus 9 daysand we’re off on a grand adventure designed in advance for us by our great BIG God! The past few weeks have afforded us treasured time with Taylor’s family, including a wild west escapade, hours of crow hunting on the farm, sweet conversations with grandparents, and long hugs that beckon, “until next time.”

Taylor's little brother, Jamie. Soaking in the dirt roads and country life!

Wyoming wildlife up close and personal!

Precious time together

We have squeezed in a birthday party a month early, dinner after dinner around the table, fires with friends, bike rides, Daddy breakfast dates, nice autumn jogs, and late ice cream runs.

what birthday boy doesn't want new safety glasses!

sweet friends


Now we are home for just a few more days before “home” becomes a place far across the ocean. And as much as we love this southern home we have always known- close to cherished friends and family, familiar landmarks, sweet smells and comforting sounds- our hearts are longing for this new home in Africa. God has slowly etched upon our hearts this yearning for something beyond what we know. An unfamiliar mission filled with such a familiar peace. And desire. And excitement. And responsibility. As adopted sons and daughters of the King, what a joy it is to claim not only the rights and privileges of being a member of the Body, but also the responsibilities it brings with it. We are beyond the point of return. Although tearful goodbyes echo through our souls and parts of us long to stay close to those we love, there is nowhere else that will truly bring us the fulfillment God designs for us than boarding a plane and meeting the people we have prayed over for a year now.


“He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul.” (Psalm 23:2-3) Our Lord is so faithful. He shapes us in the most wonderful of ways and provides for us far beyond what we could ask of Him.

As the rush of preparations weighs upon our shoulders- purging, organizing, storing, buying, selling, sharing, canceling, ordering, printing, packing- so also with us is the great “I AM”. When we are stressed by fleeting and earthly concerns, He is ever whispering to us… “I am your Strength. I am your Provider. I am your Comforter. I am your Forgiver. I am your Peace. I am the Giver of Life."

"Lean into Me and find rest.”

The many emotions will still flow from us. See you later hugs will still be ever-so-tight squeezes. Breaths will still be deep and hearts pounding. But our eyes are set forward and our hearts are strengthened. God is good…ALL the time!