Required Faith

Happy Thanksgiving to all!This year I am thankful for God's faithfulness.

I believe that the Lord often puts us in situations that require faith, so that His faithfulness can be shown to the nations. He leads us into seasons in which it is evident that His provisions must come to our rescue... if He doesn’t come through, we’ve got nothing. When He does come through (and He does every time), His Name is glorified.

Hear me when I say that Living Hope has a great need right now and that Living Hope has faith in God’s goodness and provision. Praise Him for the faithfulness of the people here and their trust in our great, big God.

Indeed it is true that it is better to build a whole child than to mend a broken man. Our Life Skills team battles daily in the lives of children here, seeking to raise them up in the way of the Lord. There are about 20 Life Skills Educators working with over 800 kids in the townships each week. They put on fantastic afternoon clubs offering a harbor of safety for vulnerable children, they pour into impressionable teens, they bring food to little hungry bellies. They hug the pushed-away child, they show grace to teenage parents, they speak truth into young lives, and they show them who Jesus is.

I’m asking you to join me in fervent prayer for their ministry. Last Friday, the Life Skills team was informed that the funding for their ministry has almost run dry. There is only 30% of the funds this team needs to receive their salary next month. They each have families of their own- they are husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, many of them with babies on the way- and it is often hard just to make ends meet. But this wonderful team of Life Skills Educators were not concerned with themselves last Friday- their concern was for the children they serve, their hearts were turned to prayer, and their focus towards God’s goodness. It was a humbling response, covered in prayer and song. The sandwiches and fruit the kids receive in club are often the only meal they receive all day. The LSE’s were not complaining that their personal income is in danger, rather they were searching for answers to ensure these kids get to eat. That is compassion as Jesus would have it. Not only do these kids get physical fruit daily, but the Life Skills Educators pour into them with the fruit of the Spirit. Please pray that God makes a way for them to continue doing so.

In response to this, we will be holding a 16-hour overnight prayer vigil for the duration of a “Face-a-thon” fundraising blitz happening on Black Friday 11/29.  From 8:00 in the morning until midnight (EST) on Friday, please help us spread the word. Check out Living Hope’s Facebook page for hourly testimonies about the Life Skills Educators and the lives they are touching each day. ( You can help by sharing the page and updates with all of your friends to raise awareness about what the Life Skills Educators do and to help us give them a salary until the end of the year.

This need is urgent.

Please commit to praying for the LSE’s and our entire Life Skills program as we face a mountain that is too big to climb on our own. Praise God for the way the LSE’s are trusting God in complete faith and thank God for how we know He will provide.

God is good…ALL the time.

“Being confident in this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6