Mushy Gushy Sappy Stuff

This blog serves many purposes: to share and encourage, to seek prayer, and to simply act as a personal scrapbook of memories from this journey God has taken us on.  While I’m not one to get wrapped in the web of finding social media as a means to give worth to everything we do, I am one who finds such great worth in the written word and its ability to express so vividly the inner workings of one’s soul.  The complexities. The thoughts analyzed time and time again. The bouncing emotions of a heart. The greatest joys and the deepest sorrows. Explained. Explored. Expressed.  And it’s so beautiful.  I want to remember all these things for years to come. Which leads me here… To my husband. He was just a red head guy I saw around campus, giving the occasional, “Hey.”

I was just a girl that had recently prayed to God, declaring myself content and filled with the Savior’s love, specifically asking that the next man I date be my husband—even if it was years down the road.  I was both willing and desiring a season of singleness, not interested in boys for the sake of boys, but thinking of a “for good” relationship in God’s time.  I even recognized and accepted that I am not promised a husband and that God often uses single women in spectacular ways.  Ok with me. Let’s just carry on with today and see where I end up.

Meanwhile, my mom, the prayer warrior, was going before God with the request that I would find the person I would marry before I finished college. Sneaky one she is.  Had I known this was her prayer, I would have scolded her.  I was willing and ready to wait…. To serve in the meantime…. To go. Don’t mess with that, Mom.

But in the true character of our God, He answered both prayers. “Take delight in God and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

It wasn’t long before Taylor Nash showed up on the radar. The red head that I wished would talk more, but was intriguing to me nonetheless. The guy that invited himself to my apartment for dinner via the balcony outside, which he proceeded to climb up all 3 stories and appear at the kitchen table out of nowhere. The driver of the most wonderful truck on campus, complete with bench seat and deer antlers on the mirror. The man that was known to show up and help anyone in need of help, because why not help someone when they need it?  Especially when you have a whole box of tools and capable hands.

There weren’t many text messages. There weren’t fancy words and elaborate schemes to woo me.  Time together began to look like bike rides, Sunday church, trips to Bass Pro Shops, and outings with friends.  And before long, this guy that didn’t talk much became this guy that I knew. This guy that talked to me. This man that was much bigger than my dreams. A man that was the desire of my heart.

Yes, God answered the prayers of so many. My prayer to date my husband.  My prayer for a man like my father, yet uniquely his own.  My prayer for a man that pursued God before He pursued me. My mom’s prayer for me to meet the man with whom I would spend life, all in God’s time. My dad’s prayer for a man that he was confident would lead me with strong hands. The prayers of both my parents for a marriage filled with the hope of a Savior before it ever began.

My Taylor is an answered prayer, a promise fulfilled, a blessing undeserved.  

As Taylor and I have journeyed together, we have learned much. To think of life as I had planned it before I began to know and love Tay, makes no sense anymore. Of course God wanted me to be ok with God alone, but all the while He knew the earthly treasure He was preparing for me in Taylor. It is only then that I can love a man so fully when I have allowed myself the fullness of God Himself.  But now looking back on my thoughts of independence and going and being and doing-- of course I need Taylor to walk beside me, to guide me, to carry me.

For us, for our story, for our purpose as the Nashes, God aligned our hearts to do this life together as a team.  How glad I am!  Taylor is my greatest earthly treasure. He voices truth and saves speaking for words that matter. He sees life through a lens of purpose, knowing what is expected from him and pursuing it with the greatest effort he can. He serves without question and offers worth to those around him.  He savors creation and gets life from its beauty, recognizing it as an intimate way to relate with the Creator Himself.  He is a man respected at the city gates (Prov. 31:23), and I am proud to call him mine.  He esteems me as his wife, loving me with a wholeness that brings me such warmth.  We disagree and he seeks answers from the Word.  He fosters a sense of adventure in my heart. And most importantly, he does everything he can to ensure that our gaze is set on the Kingdom, covering us in prayer and sound leadership.

Our relationship is far from perfect. In fact, the past year has brought with it challenges and trials for which we were far from prepared. We have learned, questioned, hurt, forgiven, prayed, tried, tried again, and failed. But God has walked with us. And Taylor has led us into His arms with strong hands. How blessed we are to see that a strand of three cords is, indeed, stronger than anything we could have imagined. And what a gift I was given in my Taylor. Thanking God for him today in big ways! God is good. All the time.

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