This pregnancy has been a tool to teach me so much.
As my belly grows bigger literally every morning,
so do the number of hands rubbing it and the
conversations about the baby girl residing within it.
Many of those interactions are with children-
little fingers and dirty nails reaching to wave hello to tiny Lettie,
messy hair hanging in front of ears pressed against my torso,
innocent voices speaking gently to my daughter.
The beauty in these exchanges is hard to surpass.
It melts my soul and leads me to worship.
You see, many of the children that show their love to my sweet daughter
have been hardened by life over their few short years on earth.
They have learned to bark ugly words at one another,
to be unshaken by what is thrown at them,
that feeling pain is something they must deal with and deal with alone.
Many have been abused, hurt, disappointed, and stripped of worth.

Yet something miraculous happens when
they approach the little girl growing in my tummy.
Tenderness. Care. Love.
These tiny souls who have been told how insignificant they are
speak to my daughter with the significance of a queen.
Little boys who dominate life with toughness
stroke this tiny babe with a gentleness that is unmatched.
Eyes light up at the experience of feeling her kick,
recognizing it fully as the miracle that it is.
These children, the ones who have yet to understand
warmth and affection on this earth,
so beautifully display it without a thought when they reach up to touch my stomach.
These children who are battered and bruised,
who lack the ability to express care when I care for them and rather lash out in violence.
These are the same children who were created IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.
In those moments of caring regard for my tiny daughter growing inside of me,
the breathtaking image of our Creator shines through them like no other.
Our Heavenly Father’s hands are reaching out in earthly expressions of His love
through fatherless children who have not known love.

Many would argue that we are inherently evil people in this world.
I would agree that all are destined for sin and fall short of God’s glory.
In so many ways we are ordained for this brokenness of heartache and pain and hurt as a result of our own selfish actions. How overwhelmed we can become by the darkness residing around us!
Especially when we see it rule in the lives of mere children.
But we must never fail to remember that in the secret places
when God was dreaming over our unformed bodies,
He was also creating us in His image.
I’ve seen those glorious manifestations of Who He is
expressing themselves through children who
approach this tiny life inside of me with a love that was not learned but inherently given.
Because we are His. Because He holds us.
Because in Him we live and move and have our being.
No matter how broken we are.

Hold on to that promise today.
He created us that we may share in the goodness of our identity in Him.
I’m praising Him for the precious ways He shows Himself and
asking Him to continue to restore the ways
we have attempted to suppress His image in us.
I'm asking that my darling daughter and these precious children
will fully know the wholeness of His love in the brokenness of our lives.
I'm praying that they will walk in the identity they were given
to bear the image of Christ.

God is good, all the time.

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