Here and now...

I am new to this blog world thing, but here we go.  Let's talk about the here and now of where we are. Taylor graduates from Carson Newman University on FRIDAY! He and my dad jump out of a perfectly good airplane in 10 DAYS, and He and I will get married in 24 DAYS! We will honeymoon in Jamaica and come home 6 days later to Greenville and move in an apartment that Edwards Rd. is so graciously providing for us. I will continue my work for the Frazee Dream Center and hanging out with the coolest kids around, and Taylor will be doing masonry restoration with our dear friend Rhett and looking for handyman jobs on the side! Not to mention working on his beautiful bowls! ( We hope to head to that wonderful place they call Africa at the close of summertime.

There is much to look forward to and many reasons to celebrate and some days we feel as if the excitement will literally burst out of us!

In the meantime, our prayer is that God will give us great joy in the HERE and NOW of where He has placed us.

To LOVE WELL in the last months I get to squeeze my Frazee kids tight. To feel the WARMTH of family. To be EVER THANKFUL for dear friends. To notice the SPLENDOR of springtime greens, and yellows, and blues. To SAVOR every minute.

To take joy in WAITING. Waiting to be together. Waiting to start new. Waiting for funds to come in that seem way bigger than we are. Waiting to move across the world.

We desire to possess great joy in the presence of our BIG God. We are filled with peace that is new and fresh, yet so familiar and welcomed.

Thank you for joining us in this journey. We are blessed daily by encouragement, prayers, generosity, and friendship.