“Familiar” seems like the perfect word to describe where we are right now in life.Shew! That’s the first time I can say that in a long time! We arrived to our little home in Cape Town about a week and half ago now, and we have since settled back into our life here, routines in full swing. Boarding that plane always feels so BIG to me- like a huge leap, a torn heart, and a massive change awaiting on the other side. And in many ways, it is just that. This time, however, we landed, looked around, and realized something was different. We know it here. We had a bed waiting with fresh sheets on it that I washed. I know where to go to the grocery and what I can get there. We long to see the places that have become “our spots” and we hop in the car and go. We have friends to pop in on and meals to share with one another. And there are faces of men and women, teenagers, boys, girls and babies that we have embraced with a knowing smile, rather than a handshake that says “Nice to meet you.” And what a breath of fresh air that is. To know and be known.

Familiar has begun to resound in the quiet parts of my heart as well- a familiar that brings with it feelings of being equipped. A familiar emptiness in being far, but knowing how to fill it full with the presence of God. A familiar awe in the beauty of creation here, and yet eyes reminded just how great it really is. A familiar longing for healing among a broken land, and knowing that prayer bridges the gap between desire and reality with God-sized confidence.

Familiar feelings of fulfillment, of selfishness, of joy, of yearning, of aching, of discovery, and of peace.

Oh how the feelings of peace flow freely!

We are full. Overflowing with not only a head knowledge of God’s ultimate provisions and a plan for hope and a future, but a heart knowledge that whispers of a Father who holds us and sees us.

We serve a God who knows, who loves, who equips, and who guides. More than any other day in the past year, today I know that South Africa is part of God’s story for us. There are people here pouring into who He wants us to become. There are challenges that stretch us into dependence upon Him. There is beauty that brings us reverently to our knees. And there are hearts seeking a God of refuge that we can lead to Him. What an incredible, mind-blowing opportunity we have to be placed right where we are. Our Lord is the ultimate puzzle maker, and He is piecing this all together in ways we could have never designed. He is meeting us exactly where we are and reminding us of just how sovereign He is.

He sees and He knows. The joy, the trials, the heart-change that is occurring- it is all held in the hands of a loving Father and the promises He lays before us. God is surely good, all the time and in whatever season of life you happen to find yourself. He sees you and He knows you, don’t be afraid to walk with Him.

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