Emma_Taylor-662Here we are. All the things we were once waiting to check off our lists are before us now,

bringing with them a FULL spectrum of emotions.


BLISS. Being married rocks!

It is much better than not being married!

Living together is such a fun thing! No more goodbyes

except the brief ones that end in, “See you tonight.”

We often sit and bask in the surreal wonder of experiencing

The gift God has given us in each other

(insert the girly girl squeal and jittery jump into the air) :)

And we are happy, filled, and blissful. Hooray for marriage!


EXCITEMENT.  Each day we look forward to great things ahead

as we prepare to cross the ocean and settle in on that

African continent so far away.

New faces soon to become cherished friends.

New views on which to dwell during morning coffee.

New land to explore.

New people to love, to serve, to grow with.

And we are overflowing with excitement at our new reality so quickly approaching.


JOY. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

If we really look, the desires of our heart go far beyond

the chance to set up a cute home,

to be within a day's drive of our dear families,

to have a job that pays well and the luxuries that follow.


Taylor and I are experiencing joy in



But there are days that the


lurks so near to my heels.




Satan tells me lies that my heart falls for so quickly:

You’re a martyr. This is unfair. You deserve more. You can’t do this.

It is in those moments that I allow our joy to be smothered.


I know now more than ever before in my life that

The fullness of joy is found

In the peace of Christ that dwells so richly within us,

In the promise of His provision for the things that really matter,

In the future hope we have to worship Him even after earthly pleasures pass on.


Pray for us to stay in tune with the true desires of our heart.

Free us from fleeting pleasures.

Free us from fear and doubt.

Free us from selfish pride.

Free us from an Enemy that steals, kills, and destroys.

And pray that we rest in the GREATNESS OF JOY our Heavenly Father offers… freely.