Be a Kid!

Last Sunday we were blessed to worship on a new continent with new friends at a new church.What a beautiful thing it is to be together with all the saints, knowing the Lord we worship here is the same One we worshipped in South Carolina and Tennessee. He is faithful, enduring, and radiant.

I was struck during our time in song by a phrase that referred to me as a “child of God”. Having grown up in the church house, such phrases pass through my ears as a breeze that has come and gone. But today it stuck. Today, it resonated within my heart and brought me a comforting warmth in a new identity. Today, I feel like a child- little, vulnerable, impressionable, and needy.

How could I have bypassed such a glorious part of this Divine relationship? The innocence. The freedom. The trust. The dependence. The nature of a child is one that goes hard, imagines big, and needs much. Children can enjoy innocence, risk, and freedom with the belief that their parents will supply the needs they crave. Hunger will be met with food. Fear will be met with encouragement. Joy will be met with celebration. Shortcomings will be met with forgiveness. Doubt will be met with answers. And rest will be met with a loving touch. Until now, the company I have kept with God has been under the guise of friend, partner, and co-worker. But oh the wonders found in being a CHILD OF GOD! The vulnerability is wide open and control is lost. But a child need not worry of where they are being led…they simply follow. They rely on their parents to provide without ever considering that Mom or Dad may not come through. They experience new and wonderful things at the urging of those in charge. They are unknowingly molded by their leaders, shaped into who they will one day become trusting that they will not be led astray. When the world has slowed down and the night is dark there are loving hands, a soft voice, and snuggled conversations that bring the day to an end and assure a little heart that she is loved, she is protected, she is secure, and she matters.

Today I encourage you to identify yourself as a child of God. Embrace His Fatherhood. I found His loving touch to my vulnerable soul way on the tip of Africa, and it was such a blessing to allow myself childhood once again. With it came a sense of freedom that is unmatched, blossoming courage, fears that were erased and given over to stronger hands, a blind trust that my hunger and thirst will be filled, and the secure heart of a little girl resting in my Father’s arms.

What will bring you there today? Walk into the role our Lord has designed for you and be blessed by the freedom of childhood.

Our King is taking care of you.

“For those who are led by the Spirit are children of God.  The Spirit you receive does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.  And by Him we cry, ‘Abba, Father.’”

Romans 8:14-15