And we're off!

We are off on God’s grand adventure He put so beautifully before us.

We are overwhelmed by His goodness and His provisions!


For a quick recap of our travels:

Our flight left Greenville-Spartanburg last Sunday, October 6 at 2:45 pm.

All luggage checked through to the end,

Weight limits were met (by a smidgen!),

and flights on time. Things were looking good!

We were so excited to have gotten a semi-direct flight to South Africa

and be spared the extra hours that flying to Europe would have cost us.

It looked as if our 18 hour flight to Johannesburg had come to a successful close and we breathed a sigh of relief.

Then the storms came. Lightning. Hail. And a bumpy ride!

All that to say, we were forced to bypass Jo’burg

and head to the Botswana airport to wait out the storms.

No problem. We can wait.

Until our plane lost power and

we waited…and waited…and waited….

In the plane on the parking bay.  For 6 hours.

Hot, smelly, hungry, and sleepy. Yuk!

Missed original flight to Cape Town, showered in a Jo’burg hotel at 3 a.m., napped for 30 minutes, caught the 3rd standby flight the next morning, and arrived in Cape Town fashionably late. :)


Finally arrived in Cape Town with all our bags!

But let’s be honest: what is travelling to Africa when you don’t

hit a few road bumps along the way!?

The Lord was faithful and He delivered us safely.

For that we are truly grateful.

He is the God that answers prayers, even if it looks differently than we may have pictured.

He is good all the time.


This blog will be difficult for me because I can only share so much

before you quit reading.

Already my mind is spinning with thoughts, concerns, amazement, inspiration, and convictions.

Oh, the convictions we have already received from our Heavenly Father!

Growth will happen here. In our hearts. In our marriage. In our worldview. In the people Living Hope serves.

I will do my best to share with you, our most dear friends and family,

the ways that our Mighty Savior molds us during this time.

He is working here in the lives of people.

What a joy it is to serve a Living God who shows up on a daily basis.


More to come later on our lives here and what the next weeks hold,

but know that we are settling in and

still filled with the peace that has resonated throughout this whole process.

Taylor has been advised to take 2 weeks

to get acquainted with this African life before

he jumps head on into his role here, and

I will begin visiting a few ministry sites before long as well.

We have a house that is almost furnished

(after learning how to navigate African shops),

Taylor has mastered driving on the left side of the road (me…not yet!),

we have already had many dinners with new friends,

we toured Living Way’s ministry site that is beyond impressive,

and of course we have scaled a few mountains on our bikes

(although I thought about quitting my job as Tay’s bike partner after some of those hills)!

The landscapes and creations here will bring you to your knees

in awe of our Creator.

How full it makes us feel to live in a place so full of His glory!

on Noordhoek peak

check this out. Incredible view.

Finally got a couch to sit more floor. :)

Our backyard. Literally.

For now, we are exploring, meeting, learning, and soaking in

this new reality.

Your prayers are felt constantly.

God has placed us exactly where we need to be.